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21 February 2010 @ 07:07 pm
 Lent started this Wednesday! I'm giving up sweets and limiting the net to an hour a day. Lots of lurking has been going on lately- I'm trying to stay focused on school so I just check up on sites then leave, but I've been keeping up with all the LJ stuff fyi.

My life in a nutshell:

jhjdfOn 1st Semester grades.

Orchestra                 P
AP Calc BC              C
AP American Gov    A
AP Eng IV                  A
AP Latin IV                A
AP Biology                A
Music IV                    A
Marching Band        P

- I GOT AN A IN AP BIO OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I SHIT A BRICK WHEN I FOUND OUT SRSLY. :'D Life is so beautiful, because I was so sure that my B was too low to get boosted to an A with the final so I didn't even really try to study (I flipped through my notes the lunch before the mc part, and spent a half hour reading my ap bio cliff notes book to outline two or three FRQs on the possible FRQ study sheet thing he gave). Despite the total lack of preparation, I got 85/100 on the mc and 298/300 on the essays HOLY COW. It made me want to cry.

- I got a C+ in calc, no surprise, but oh well. Its senior year; I got A's in everything else, so one C isn't gonna kill me. Furthermore, I got a B in the final, so clearly I don't suck as much in calc as it seems. Really, as long as I do really well on the actual AP, I'll be happy.

Everything else speaks for itself... I was a bit worried about Gov/Latin because my work's been slipping in quality, but ah well. It all worked out in the end.

On family.
My cousin had a baaaaaaby! :D In the beginning of February.  My family's so huge that really, it's not a big deal, but this time, it was my Ate Sheena. She's one of the cousins closest to my age, so she's more of one of the "partners in crime" whenever I hang out over in Oceanside. Her pregnancy was on the down low for the longest time; she has heart problems, which made carrying a baby dangerous for her, and the pregnancy wasn't expected at all (she isn't married to her bf either, and yet again, we're dealing with Asian!family) so they didn't want a lot of people to know in case something went wrong. In fact, I wasn't even told til December. >> Okay, I recognize that I'll always be lumped around as one of the "kids", but come on. I'm 17. She's one of my closest cousins. I think I'm mature enough to understand the delicacy of such a situation. But whatever, that's not the point. She gave birth without any complications, healthy baby, so it's aaaaall gooood. 

On college.
- UCR AND UCI ACCEPTED WHOO YEAH. Not that I really care. Well, yeah, I do because it's an acceptance letter, but the way it basically works out for me at this point, it's "UCLA or irrelevant". Bahaha. 

- I've gotten emails from UCR and Berkeley telling me to apply for these campus scholarships; I got lazy and eventually ignored the UCR one. The Berkeley deadline's on Thursday. I need to hurry up and finish it. @_______________@

- Next step: Filling up the FAFSA. Oy.

On school life.
- So for the Gov political parties, I eventually settled into the Peace and Freedom party- mainly because I hate all the other parties, and if I'm not taken with any of the other parties, then I want to join the one with my friends, harharhar. I don't really believe in it though. They're too liberal for my taste. D; I was really digging the Boston Tea Party for a while; no group ever really came into fruition, though.

- I've spent so much time whining about how I don't even really care about viola, so it's about damn time that I announce it: I quit playing the viola in orchestra. Because I only have one more semester to play horn, because frankly, I'm unenthusiastic and bored with the string music, and walking into class 20-30 minutes late every day shows the extent of my enthusiasm. The others have stepped it up and the numbers have increased, so they'll live without me. So now, I get more horn time before I graduate, there's less music I'm responsible for, and most importantly: I can sleep in. Winds only have to go to orchestra twice a week. I get to sleep in til 6-6:15, take my time and leave around 7:15-7:20 to drop off the little bro, and have 20-30 minutes before school starts to go to calc and finish hw or get help in the class. It's an all around win situation, and now that I've finally gone through with it, it's like, "DAMN! Why on earth did I make myself suffer so much?!"

- I'm keeping up in English I'm so proud of myself bb. ;') I finished reading Brave New World before the book deadline, and I'm already a third of a way through A Fine Balance. That's only ever happened twice in my entire hs career. o___o A Fine Balance is really good, by the way. You know how some books just click when you're reading them, and others don't? Its one of the former. The synopsis made it sound like one of those books that would just drag on, but there's just something about it.

- It's been decided that the next band tour's gonna be to Costa Rica. I don't get to go, but still. That's pretty cool.

- To Do: study for Latin. I don't know why, but I've been having a looooot of trouble in that class lately. D;

- I need to get started on preparing for my UCLA audition. Appealing through band is a backup plan, but I need to be ready to audition as soon as I get a rejection letter. Rite? Rite.

- The King and I = school musical this year. I'm in pit band, but on mellophone. I'm the only actual horn in pit band, so the section needs to all be on mello to make it sound unified. ;____; ah, well, I'm still in pit band! So it's okay! Haha. Oh, and Cody's the King. I'm so happy for him! He's kinda freaking out about it though. And it's funny, because not only does the king have multiple wives, but he's bald and his singing style is more gruff than melodious. BAHAHA.

On me.
- SO THERE'S THIS NEW YOGURT SHOP CALLED "YOGURT AT ITS BEST" DOWN THE STREET BY SCHOOL WHERE EVERYONE GOES TO EAT LUNCH AND IT IS MOST DEFINITELY YOGURT AT ITS BEST. They have about ten different yogurt flavors, from fruit to candy to coffee to cake, and a huge assortment of toppings, and it's all self serve, pricing set at 39 cents/oz. IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL.

- I'm finally getting contacts. Like, fo realz. I always talk about it but never do, but I've been bugging my dad about it lately, saying "We should set an appointmeeeent already ><" and a few days ago, he was like, "You need to tell me what day you want the appointment. You keep saying you want one but you haven't given me a date." =____=; Geez, this guy! He always talks about how its the doctor that sets the appointment, so I've been waiting for him to tell me what my choices were for weeks. If he wanted me to tell him a good date, he should have just said something in the first place! Hah. But yeah, so the wheels are finally in motion.

- It's already warm enough that I can get away without wearing a sweater. Good ol' desert weather. I'm holding off on going clothes shopping or anything though, because I kind of want to wait til college to update my wardrobe.

- I spent senior ditch day at home sick. D; SO LAME. But whatever. With all these 3-day weekends, I've gotten spoiled. How on earth am I gonna handle a FULL FIVE DAY WEEK starting tomorrow?! haha.

- MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING OOOOOLD. Hey thar, Cody and Cindy. ur 18 nao. haha. I made Cody acupcake cake! :D It was really cool.

- To Do: Read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Not only does it sound like a good book, but this scholarship looks like a fun challenge. :)

On what I've been watching and reading.
Four recommendations:
Supernatural. These bbs are fierce. :) It's always been one of those series that I've been meaning to watch for ages but never really did, but they started syndicating it on TNT about a month ago, so I've been following it on there. (They play it at 10 AM, Mon-Fri so I just record it.) ... my family likes to sneak up on me when I'm watching it, because they think my flinching is funny. >> I'm a total sucker for that brother stuff that goes on in the show. I love the interaction between the leads.

Important Things With Demetri Martin. He has this awkward kind of humor, a lot of it all about wordplay and taking things literally and just generally being dorky. He reminds me a lot of what my sister and I would sound like if we had our own comedy show. On a side note, there's just always been something about Sarah Silverman that is just distinctly not funny for me. I've never been able to enjoy her show. :/ (because Demetri and Sarah are always thrown together in promotions.)

Liar Game is an interesting manga read. It's the only other series I've found with a Death Note-ish kind of feel. The art isn't that pretty, but you get over it. The second season of the j-drama finished last fall (which is why I decided to read the manga.) 



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